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Chip Cleaning Solution

Restore original color, luster and life to chips; no more chips sticking together. Diamond’s patented chip cleaning solution removes germs, dirt, sticky substances, diseases, viruses and malodors.

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Card Cleaning Solution

Deal hands easily and smoothly. Restore original color and luster to cards. Sanitize and remove germs, dirt, sticky substances, grime, diseases and malodors. Eliminate turn cards and misdealt hands.

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Diamond Casino Products
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2 Pair - King High
Table Top/Layout Cleaning Solution

Sanitize and protect your casino’s major capital investments in poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and other table games. Restore the velvety smooth feel of a new layout and watch the cards glide along it perfectly. Your layouts will be cost-effectively maintained with our Table Top / Layout cleaner.

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